Course information and online enrolment

U3A Redcliffe offers over 100 courses. Please follow the link below to view all courses offered.

Once you have decided which course(s) you would like to enrol in, follow the link to see the step-by-step guide to enrolling online.

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Enrolment Guidelines

Click here to download the Guidelines for Online Enrolment.

Pre-payment Hints for Term 2

  • If this is your first time trying a class you might prefer to pay by voucher or cash and then follow up with pre-payment in following terms if you are you are going to continue.
  • Some classes will not have the pre-payment option if their duration may finish earlier or later than the initial times given.
  • If you are pre-paying online press the link to give you the pay option once. If you press twice, it will generate a second invoice.
  • If you are planning extended absences choose voucher or cash option rather than pre-pay for class.
  • Pre-payment for Term 2 has now closed.
  • For further information please contact the Assistant Course Coordinator:

Course Handbook

Click here to download the Course Handbook for Term 2.

What would you like us to teach?

If you have an idea for a subject or activity we do not currently offer, please contact Petra Lyons, Assistant Course Coordinator:


We draw our members’ attention to the fact that our courses and activities are intended to supply general information only to class members about a particular subject and in no way constitute professional advice on which to rely. Tutors are unpaid volunteers and can only inform. They do not provide professional advice.

In the case of courses involving physical activity members should ensure that they are physically able to participate. Sometimes a prior discussion with their medical advisor is desirable.

In the case of courses involving investments, general interest and well-being, class members should bear in mind that U3A Redcliffe is not liable if they act on what they think is advice from the Tutor.

U3A Redcliffe Inc. maintains Public Liability insurance but this does not mean that injuries or losses by members are automatically covered. For U3A Redcliffe Inc. to claim on its insurance, we must have a legal liability for the accident or incident.

In any case, we are anxious for all concerned that such accidents and incidents are avoided.