Program Coordinators

Program Coordinators are responsible for running programs and chairing sub-committees that provide support for the organisation and its members. Click on the links to download, or right click to view, the position descriptions for each role.

Care and Concern Coordinator: Jean Hunt

Campus Communique Editor: Greg McGrath

Concert and Entertainment Coordinator: Ellie Frawley

Course Coordinator: Jeni Hall

Information Technology and Audio-Visual Coordinator: Ruth Northcott

Librarian: Sharyn Reggars

Membership Officer: Cathy Weir

  • Assistant Membership Officer: Sheril Jones

Office Coordinator: Barbara Cooper and Kate Sanders

Policy and Planning Coordinator: Dianne Pelin

Community Engagement Coordinator : Greg McGrath

Coordinator Repair and Maintenance: Vicky Hollander

Social Events Coordinator: Suzanne Markham

Social Media Coordinator: Marianne Baker

Website Manager: Jennifer Booth

Coordinator Work Health and Safety: Ellie Frawley

  • Assistant Coordinator Work Health and Safety: Vacant

Tutor Position Description