U3A has several libraries which members can use to borrow resources either for study or personal enjoyment.

U3A Lending Library

The Library door is open all days for borrowing. Please feel free to come in and browse. As Volunteer Librarian, Sharyn Reggars and her Assistant Librarian, Lynne, have been restoring the books back into their Dewey numbers they have discovered some wonderful resources on the shelves crying out to be borrowed. They may be useful in your U3A course or just for personal development.

Borrowing System

If you wish to borrow any resources, please take them to the office, where you will fill in the borrowing card details. These remain at the office. On returning the resource, leave it at the office where the resource will be carded and returned to the Library. Borrowing is for four weeks, or longer if a course arrangement has been made with the Librarian.

Display Books

Books in the display stand near the entrance to the kitchen and near the Library door are for borrowing in the same manner as the Library room books. Take to the office if they have a U3A sticker and borrowing card inside.  Displays are changed regularly.  Please check them out.

Language Books Library

In the corridor behind the office the Language books are shelved in their Language sections. The books have no borrowing cards and are borrowed and directly returned to these shelves. 

However there have been some excellent Language DVDs donated to the Library and they are shelved in the DVD section within the Library. They are for borrowing through the card system.

Members Community Library

The Members Community Library works on a borrow and return at your leisure basis; no borrowing cards are involved.  Some very popular authors are part of the collection. These books are situated opposite in the corridor opposite the water cooler.

Donations are always welcome. Please bring any books that you have to donate to the Members Community Library and Patricia Stabler, who looks after this area, will sort and place the books on the shelves.

Please leave a message on the desk in the Library if you have any particular questions or requests.