Tuesday classes

Embroidery and Needlework

Fay Hemingway 0414 290 597
Assistant Tutor Lorraine Turner 0400 150 651
8:45—11:45 am (W) (MBR Nth)
Cost $2.00

We enjoy all facets of embroidery from different countries, all covered in our various and interesting workshops. Projects to be completed at your own skill level. Own sewing essentials required.

Art: All Mediums

Patricia Moore 0419 091 835
9:15 – 11:00 am (R6)
Cost $2.00

A very relaxed and friendly class for anyone wishing to create in company and be ready to enjoy everyone’s personal talents.

The class is untutored.

Watercolour Painting, Acrylics and Drawing

Gayl Pollard 0421 725 427 text message only
9:15 – 11:00 am (W) (MBR Sth)
Cost $2.00

Watercolour painting, Acrylics and Sketching.  Beginners and Advanced welcome. NO TUITION as such, assistance given as needed. 

We are a very supportive group willing to share our knowledge. Do your own thing. Some materials available for borrowing.

Page Turners Book Club

Rose Braybrook 0450 533 302
9:30 – 10:30 am 3rd Tuesday of the month (R4)
Cost $2.00

This is a social group who meet at U3A on the third Tuesday of the month to discuss a

given set of books.

U3A Book Club

Margaret Gauld 0404 029 016
9:30 – 10:30 am 2nd Tuesday of the month (R4)
Cost $2.00

The U3A Book Club is a discussion group for people who love to read and to share their experience with others.  Each meeting provides the opportunity to discuss a set book and also to talk about personal monthly reading.  Members may also discuss films and other events they have attended during the month.

Numbers limited to 10.            

French Intermediate B

Anne-Marie Butt 0401 534 523
10:15—11:45 am (W) (R2)
 Cost $2.00

Intended for students who have completed the Beginners level, this Intermediate class will aim to develop speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.  Role plays will help students gain mastery of language.  Grammar will be taught in context.

We plan to use The French Experience II for this class.   Listening exercises from the book will be carried out during classes so there is no need for students to buy the CDs.

Microsoft Word Beginners

Carol Lusk – contact via U3A office
11:00 am – 1:00 pm (W) (R4)
Prepay $30.00 for the course

You will learn the mysteries of the MS Word screen for Word 2016 as well as basic routines such as saving and printing documents, creating folders and working with USB sticks. You will find out how to edit and format text, change margins as well as how to insert online pictures or pictures from your own files. You will learn how to add page borders and WordArt to your documents and create Watermarks and Headers and Footers.

Absolute Beginners Guitar

Graham Norman 0413 424 765
11:15 am—12:30 pm (W) (R6)
Cost $2.00

These sessions are intended for absolute beginners. (Not suitable for students who have previously attended classes for guitar at the Redcliffe U3A).

The course will cover understanding your  instrument, simple chords and playing for vocal accompaniment. At the end of the year students should be able play (strum) a number of songs to confidence level allowing them to perform for friends and family. 

Students must have their own guitar.

Maximum 12 students

Piano Keyboard (New class)

Jeffrey Pedersen 0424 553 551
11:45 – 1:00 pm (W) (R5)
Cost $2.00

This class is an introduction to the piano keyboard … and tunes and notes. Play a tune a week.

Students will need to bring a keyboard – a small and light one is best.

Singing with Gusto

Kathy Castleton 3203 4630
Assistant Tutor Lynne Padget 0407 749 817
12:15—1:45 pm (W) (MBR Sth)
Cost $2.00

Folk, country, musicals, rock, soul, jazz, contemporary songs. This class is for enthusiastic people who love to belt out well-known songs to a regular rhythm. Be brave, confident and enjoy yourself.

What On Earth: Discussion Group

Ken Passmore 0424 638 630
12:00 noon – 1:45 pm (W) (MBR Nth)
Cost $2.00

Each week the class facilitator will select topics submitted by members about one or more current topics, from contemporary reputable sources, for discussion.  The topics are wide ranging, but always of current importance. It is envisaged that the group will participate in an intelligent, in-depth discussion with no limit placed on where the discussion leads us.  This class offers an opportunity for intelligent, balanced debate such as is quite difficult to find elsewhere, providing real mind stimulation.

Participants are encouraged to put the case forward for opinions which differ from those of the majority or popular view – without fear of animosity or attack.

Beginners Plus Guitar

Graham Norman 0413 424 765
12:45 – 2:00 pm (W) (R6)
Cost $2.00

These sessions are intended for students who have the ability to play basic chords and be able to transition those chords with enough speed and accuracy to perform simple songs.

The course is intended to increase knowledge of chords to enable more complicated songs to be performed. Time will be allocated into building performance confidence.

At the end of the year students should be able to play a reasonable repertoire of songs for personal enjoyment and possibly public performance. 

Maximum 12 students.

Crafty Fun (New class)

Jan Kersnovske 0430 149 396
1:00 – 3:00 (W) (R2)
Cost $2.00

A place to meet and enjoy your craft. This is a BYO class – anything from knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, beading, embroidery – if you’re working on it then bring it along if you can carry it.

There is no formal tutoring, however assistance can be given. It’s a great place to meet like-minded people in a fun, relaxed environment.

Japanese Advanced

Masue Shipton 0491 115 833
1:00—2:00 pm (W) (R3)
Cost $2.00

Conversational Japanese. We study the textbook Japanese for Busy People 3.

Italian Beginners

Anna Aczel 0435 725 559
1:15— 2:45 pm (W) (R5)
Cost $2.00

Learn the basics of the language with grammar and conversation.

Maximum 10 students. Text book: Italian in three months Hugo Series. Buy new or second hand online.

Jazz Favourites

Peter Green 0413 398 615
Assistant Tutor David Ralph 0407 116 777
2:00—3:30 pm (W) (MBR Sth)
Cost $2.00

Would you like to listen to sound & video recordings of great jazz and swing music from the early twentieth century to the present day?

Peter, your tutor, has over sixty years’ experience performing this type of music. We present from a collection of Australian and International artists.

If you have favourite recordings that you would like to share, you can present these yourself or have the tutor locate and play them. We also talk about coming programs, events and occasional outings to hear live performances.

Guitar Stretch

Bryn Samuel 3284 1259

2:15 – 3:30 pm (W)  (R6)
Cost $2.00

This class is for those who can competently play a few tunes using major, minor and seventh chords and barre chords, but desire to extend their playing ability by adding to their repertoire of chords (Dim, Aug, 6ths, 9ths etc), learning some more challenging songs and picking up basic music theory along the way.

To achieve this, we will use a systematic approach, on-line resources, chord charts, guitar tabs,  the cycle of fifths, and occasionally some music notation.

Guitar Beginners

Neil Linfoot 3283 2082
3:45—5:45 pm (W) (AV)
Cost $2.00

This subject is for people who have never played before, or have not played very much in recent years.

Musicians Workshop

Graham Norman 0413 424 765
3:45—5:45 pm (W) (MBR Sth)
Cost $2.00

Dave (Garage Band and Beginners Guitar Tutor) is interested to know if there are any like-minded musicians who have had experience of performing in public, be it country & western, jazz, rock, standards, etc., who would like to get together for the simple satisfaction (and fun) of playing together, learning from each other and maybe recording/multitracking some of the sessions.