Thursday classes

Circle Dancing

Zoe Fitzpatrick: For enrolments text message Trish Yann 0414 454 741
9:00—10:10 am (FA) (CWA Hall)
Cost $4.00
Dates for Term 1: 10 February, 24 February, 10 March, 24 March

Circle dancing is an ancient tradition dating back to early times for the purpose of healing body, mind and spirit. It also creates a sense of community. Circle dances can include dances from different cultures, as well as peace and health dances.

No previous dance experience is required. The whole idea for those who attend is to have fun and discover a sense of enjoyment and peace.


Ken Passmore 0424 638 630
9:00—10:30 am (W) (CCMR)
Cost $2.00

Examining the history of Philosophy from Ancient Greece to the 20th Century. Understanding the branches of philosophy such as ethics and metaphysics, and the philosophers who used them to understand and explain their world. Looking at and discussing the issues of today within a philosophical framework.

The course will be a mixture of talks and discussions and students will be encouraged to conduct a session on items that interest them.

As the term progresses there will be a sidestep into introductory Sociology, which examines the way groups and societies function.

Tai Chi Beijing: 24 Forms

Tan Nguyen
9:00—10:15 am (W) (MBR Nth & Sth)
Cost $2.00

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art; it has been practised for both its defence training and its health benefits especially for older people in slow meditation movements. We focus mainly on Beijing 24 forms—these simplified forms are truncated from the traditional Yang family forms to 24 postures and the forms are very suitable for the older people to practice for their health benefits overall.

Writing for Pleasure 2

Charlotte Robinson 0413 500 419
9:00—11:00 am (FB) (R5)
Cost $2.00

Each fortnight we write to a set topic for stimulation and for our own enjoyment.  We share our work with the class in an accepting and non-critical way.

Music for Pleasure

Barry Montague 3203 5296
9:15 —10:45 am (W) (R6)
Cost $2.00

The class takes its inspiration from John Cargher’s long running programme on ABC Radio entitled Music for Pleasure. Our aim is to help members appreciate the music with explanations, anecdotes and discussion. 

We cover a wide range of classical and light classical music programming up to 12 pieces per class. Sir Thomas Beecham once remarked that his great friend Sir Malcolm Sargent could make choirs sing when he often found it very difficult.

Garden Group

Kay McLennan 3284 2593
4th Thursday of each month. The address will be on the U3A noticeboard and in the Campus Communique.
Commences 9:30 am
Cost $2.00

Our Garden Group will be a way to share your love of all things gardening with others. Activities include visiting gardens both local and further afield and talks from interesting garden personalities.

Ukulele: Fun and Strum

Brian Lewis 0408 878 676
Assistant Tutor Muriel Miller
10:00 am—12 noon (W) (R1 & R2)
Cost $2.00

This class is for ukulele players who like to have fun strumming and singing with a group of  like-minded friends. Must know some basic chords and be able to tune their ukulele.

Laughing is mandatory—a good singing voice entirely optional!! Please join us for a great time.

German Beginners

Petra Lyons
10:30 am—12:00 noon Thurs (W) (MBR Sth)
Cost $2.00

A gentle introduction into the German language.

New members to the class must have learnt a little German.

Qi Gong

Susie Bedford 0422 587 826 
10:30 am—12:00 noon (FA) (CWA Hall)
Cost $4.00

Qi means stimulating the energy flow in the body. Gong means work—skill—visualisation.
It can be practised standing, sitting or lying down! The movement and breathing techniques are done in a slow and relaxed manner. The practice enhances health and longevity.

Yoga for Beginners: Level 1

Alicia Jacoba 0438 486 317
10:30 am—12:00 noon (W) (MBR Nth)
 Cost $2.00

A gentle yoga class introducing Hatha Yoga. It is a 5-week course to explore the benefits of your yoga practice through: Postures, Breathing; Balancing: Mantra; Meditation and Relaxation. 

Yoga is a mind-body practice, which leads to improved physical and mental wellness, and fosters healthy ageing. The focus of this yoga class will be to support U3A members to practise a yoga style suitable for seniors.

The class will focus on gentle yoga postures for increased flexibility, establishing healthy breathing, and will include a relaxation practice aimed to promote wellbeing.

Students are asked to bring along a yoga mat and a small firm cushion. 

Italian Advanced

Aurora Grioli 0429 339 124
11:00 am – 12:00 pm (W) (R4)
Cost $2.00

This class is conversation based. Students are required to use present, past and future tenses, and be able to converse in Italian on a range of topics.

Italian Intermediate

Aurora Grioli 0429 339 124
12:15 – 1:15 pm (W) (MBR Sth)
Cost $2.00

Students must know basic grammar, eg the present tense of verbs, and have some Italian conversation skills.

Investments Options and How They Work

Greg McGrath 0417 783 406
11:00 – 1:00 pm (W) (R6)
Cost $2.00

This is a five week class, covering the following topics and much more:

  • Direct share investment
  • Investing for tax-free income
  • Unlisted managed funds
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Reverse mortgages for money to live on
  • Index funds
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Capital gains tax
  • Super income streams
  • Websites to find information

Meditation For Relaxation

Alicia Jacoba 0438 486 317
12:15 – 1:15 pm Thur (W) (CCMR)
Cost $2.00

A guided meditation used to reduce stress. It is also called Yoga Nidra. 

The benefits include the elimination of tiredness, promotion of calmness of mind and the rejuvenation of mind and body.

History of the Atlantic Ocean

Rod Heath 0410 549 032
12:30 – 2:00 pm (W)  (R1 & R2)
Cost $2.00 
Note: First class is 21 July

History of the Atlantic Ocean and its environs, i.e. seas and major rivers, etc.; explorers, pirates, settlers, etc.

Creative Writing

Reg Ford 0404 130 716
12:45—2:15 pm Thurs (FB) (R5)
Cost $2.00

Each class we enjoy writing for pleasure and stimulation on a group topic.  We share our stories with the class in an accepting and non-judgmental manner. New members welcome.

Drawing and Painting

Gayl Pollard (text message only) 0421 725 427 and
Marianne Prell 0437 828 542 (term time only)
1:30—3:45 pm Thurs (W) (MBR Nth)
Cost $2.00

Enjoy sketching one week and watercolour the next. The class follows a structured course into which students have major input.

History of Contemporary Music

Ken Passmore 0424 638 630
1:30—3:30 pm Thurs (W) (R6)
Cost $2.00

This term we start with a Jeff Beck rock and roll party honouring Les Paul, then Paul Weller, and more.


Annette Wann 0415 435 489
1:45 – 3:45 pm Thurs (W) (MBR Sth)
Cost $2.00 each class

Making cards with twirling strips of paper.  Kit available from Tutor for $6.

Guitar Advanced

Neil Linfoot 3283 2082
3:45—5:45 pm Thurs (W) (R1 & R2)
Cost $2.00

Rockabilly, Blues, 50s—60s instrumentals; using Electric Lead Guitar and Acoustic Rhythm Guitar.