Monday classes

Cryptic Crosswords

Col Pazzi 0416 520 291
8:45—10:15 am (W) (R2)
Cost $2.00

Challenge yourself.  Get into the minds of cryptic crossword compilers and solve their devious clues: unscramble anagrams, find synonyms and demystify red herrings.  Gain satisfaction while keeping your brain active in a fun group collaboration.  Some knowledge of cryptic crossword solving required. 

French Beginners A

Cybèle Borel de Bitche 0478 055 290
8:45 – 10:15 am (W) (R6)
Cost $2.00

On-going beginner class suitable for students with little prior knowledge of written or spoken French.

TextbookThe French Experience 1 (student course book ISBN: 9780563472568, not workbook) Amy King, Marie-Therese Bougard. (There is also an option   to buy with CDs – this is not a pre-requisite, but is more expensive ISBN: 9780563472582)

Available online Australian sites with or without CD. Booktopia $30.95/$47.91, Amazon Australia $30.75/$84.95, Dymocks $31.50/$84.95. Please bring an English/French dictionary (if you have one), notebook and pens.

Beginners Computer

Ruth Northcott 0439 395 043
9:00 – 10:30 pm (W) (R1)
Prepay $30.00 for the course

This course is for absolute beginners (using Windows 10 operating system). Learn how to create folders and access apps. Basic introduction to the internet (Microsoft Edge), Google searches and introduction to email. Understanding terminology will help your confidence when using computer programs.

Craft Workshop

Jean Hunt 3880 1172 or 0432 107 261pub10th December (Christmas Get together) to be advised.9:00—11:00 am (W) (R5)
Cost $2.00
Whether your interests are card making, crochet, embroidery, knitting, scrap booking or beading – come along and join us. No formal tutoring but assistance can be given. A friendly group of like-minded crafters.

Science and Technology

Steve Baker 0417 641 603,
9:00 am—10:30 am (FA) (MBR Sth)
Cost $2.00

Where did we come from?  What is a future for our cities?  Is hydrogen the fuel of the future?  Do we know what gravity is, really?  What were the causes of Australia’s mega-fauna extinctions?  How do things work?  Who discovered this?

The course explores a myriad of issues of science and technology covering astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry and other branches of the sciences, and engineering, manufacturing, medicine, space exploration and other disciplines of the applied sciences (technology).  The course format includes presentations, lectures or videos, with opportunity for discussion or challenge.  Guest presenters are encouraged.

Travellers’ Tales

Susan Hearfield 0412 714 648 and Graham Johnson 0419 994 200
9:00 am—10:45 am (FB) (MBR Nth & Sth)
Cost $2.00

Do you enjoy travel, the associated memories and sharing these? Or, do you just like to hear travel stories?
Travellers’ Tales is not a tutored class—rather, Susan and Graham coordinate a program that includes presentations about places members have visited—both near and far; presentations/discussion on just about any travel-related matter; a forum for sharing members’ experiences and asking questions.

Write Your Life Story (Zoom class)

Steve Wilson 0417 427 285 or email:
10:00 am—12:00 noon (W)
Cost: Prepay $20.00 for the term

Would you like to write your life story? We often think that life stories are only written by people who are famous. But each of our lives and experiences are unique, and of profound interest to our families and others.

In this class we write about our lives and share and discuss our writing with our classmates. Doing this we develop our own writing as we are exposed to the approaches, styles of writing, and experiences of others.
The aim of the class is to help you to complete a life story that you will be proud of, and treasure.

French: Advanced

Anne-Marie Butt 0401 534 523
10:30 am—12:00 noon (W) (R6)
Cost $2.00
Discussion and conversation relating to everyday as well as global issues. Study of poetry and literature included. Sound language skills a pre-requisite.

German Intermediate

Beatrice Dyer von Wagenhoff 0419 741 300
10:30 – 11:30 am (R2)
Cost $2.00

For students who have good translation skills.


Jane Standerwick 0491 189 860
11:00 m.—12:30 pm (W) (MBR Sth)
Cost $2.00

Anthropology is the study of humankind in all its richness and diversity.
You are invited to explore a wide range of cultures and traditions (both past and present) fromaround the world. Some theoretical terms and concepts will be introduced where appropriate.
The class is structured as a film which is then followed by an open discussion.

Discovering French Culture 1

Jean-Louis Durand
11:00 – 12:30 pm (W) (CCMR) 
Cost $2.00

French culture is discovered through Art, History, Literature, Chansons, Landscape and much, much more. Every session is served with a complement of visual stimuli and a healthy dose of French accent. Interest in, and curiosity about, French culture and an open mind are the only pre-requisites for embarking on this journey. This is also the first of a series of classes/ discussions related to French culture

The Brain Series

Eve Craddock 0417 446 034
11:15 am—12:45 pm (W) (MBR Nth)
Cost $2.00

By taking this course you will have a new understanding of what happens to the brain as we age, and why.  That understanding will give you new insight into the behavioural and cognitive changes that often accompany ageing.

Perhaps most importantly, you will know what you can do, including specific strategies you can adopt, to help you keep your mind and brain sharp and healthy.

The combined sections of the entire course include sections on:

  • The Ageing Brain
  • Optimising Brain Fitness
  • The Addictive Brain
  • Being Human
  • Consciousness
  • Plasticity

German Advanced

Beatrice Dyer von Wagenhoff 0419 741 300
11:45 – 12:45 pm (W) (R5)
Cost $2.00
For students who have good translation skills.

French Beginners B

John Dixon 0410 709 826
12:15 – 1:45 pm (R6)
Cost $2.00

In 2022 U3A is offering 3 beginners classes which run parallel to each other and the course content for each class is the same. The course is suitable for students with little prior knowledge of written or spoken French.

TextbookThe French Experience 1 (student course book ISBN: 9780563472568) Amy King, Marie-Therese Bougard. (There is also an option   to buy with CDs – this is not a pre-requisite and is more expensive ISBN: 9780563472582)

(There is also a workbook that is connected to the text. This is NOT required.)

Available online Australian sites with or without CD

Booktopia $30.95/$47.91, Amazon Australia $30.75/$84.95, Dymocks $31.50/$84.95.

Please bring notebook, pens and English/French dictionary.

Mastering the A to Z of Keyboard Skills (New class)

Ruth Northcott 0438 395 043
12:30 – 1:30 pm (W) (R1)
Cost $2.00

Learn the basics of touch typing. Have you ever wanted to learn to touch type, or understand the computer keyboard? Come along to this class and I will set you off on the right path.

Scrabble and Other Board Games

Hazel Jones 3283 2552
12:15 pm—2:15 pm Mon (W) (R2)
Cost $2.00
Play social Scrabble and Upwords. This is a fun class not fiercely competitive! Chess players are welcome, preferably with a partner; also Backgammon but a partner is needed.

Colin Ellicombe 0416 807 170 or
Asst Tutor Shirley Martin
12:45 pm—2:30 pm Mon (W) (AV Room)
Cost $2.00

A class for those who wish to practise their songs with a top-class accompanist.  We invite people with a wide range of musical tastes from opera to musicals with art songs thrown in.

For those who want to sing free of the restraints of choirs in an atmosphere of co-operative self-help.

History of Railways

Ken Passmore 0424 638 630
1:00 pm—2:30 pm Mon (W) (MBR Nth)
Cost $2.00

This term we finish our look at the history of Irish railways, some Australian railway history, then European railways.

Latin: Level 1

Jane Standerwick 0490 189 860
1:15 pm—2:45 pm Mon (W) (R5)
Cost $2.00           

This class is for the absolute beginner.  It provides an enjoyable carefully paced introduction to the basics of Latin Grammar and Syntax.  This is complemented by background information on Roman culture and history.

Public Speaking

Geoffrey Perry 0477 529 99045
9:00 – 10:30 am (W) (R4)
Cost $2.00

The skills for ‘public speaking’ are helpful in many of life’s occasions. Weddings, engagements, birthdays, retirements and club meetings are just a few occasions when someone may say to you – “you need to say a few words”. Don’t let the fear of public speaking stop you. Learn what these fears are and how to cope with them and eliminate them.

In this course you will learn how to speak at short notice on any topic without any fear of speaking. We play lots of Public Speaking games which are a lot of fun, but very beneficial in helping you become a confident and competent public speaker. Why not join us?

Cryptic Crosswords

Barry Lynch 0400 270 760
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (W) (R4)
Cost $2.00

Welcome! The course is taught by video tutorials. There are many types of cryptics, and they will be discussed one type at a time.

A sheet of exercises on the types covered will be handed out after each class, and their solutions will be discussed at the next class.

Those repeating the course will develop more expertise with some harder exercises.

I look forward to sharing an enjoyable experience with you all.

French Intermediate A

Anne-Marie Butt 0401 534 523
2:00 pm—3:30 pm Mon (W) (R6)
Cost $2.00

Intended for students who have completed the Beginners level, this Intermediate class will aim to develop speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.  Role plays will help students gain mastery of language.  Grammar will be taught in context.

We plan to use The French Experience II for this class.   Listening exercises from the book will be carried out during classes so there is no need for students to buy the CDs.

History/Archaeology: The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World (New Subject) (Zoom class)

Tony Nobbs, email:
2:00 p.m.—3:30 p.m. (W)
Pre-pay $14.00 for the shortened term.

In this course we will look at history from a nontraditional perspective, that of the weak and marginalized – the poor, sick, disabled, and elderly, as well as the refugees, slaves, serfs, women, children, and common soldiers. It is only recently that such people have begun to attract the attention of historians, yet they make up the vast majority of all the people who have ever lived. We will explore the social, cultural, economic, religious, and medical realities that dominated human lives, from the emergence of the hunter-gatherer in prehistoric times through to the nun living in the Middle Ages. To achieve this, we will use a series of video lectures by Robert Garland, Ph.D. Professor of Classics.